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Ecotronic Toys

Ethical Toy Shop |  Ecotronic Toys

Ecotronic Toys
Ecotronic toys are electronic toys without batteries. Batteries are the blight on our landfills, so we are very pleased to now bring you a range of electronic toys that are eco-friendly battery free toys.

Ecotronic toys are electronic toys that are 'charged up' by either shaking them or winding them up. They have flashing lights, sounds and do everything that a preschool electronic toy should do but without causing harm to our environment.

Ecotronic wind up toys and ecotronic shake to charge toys are fantastic. They include an eco-rocket wind up toy that can fly to the sky when charged by winding - has flashing lights and rocket noises; penguin torch - 'crank up' torch with illuminated beak; eco-radio wind up radio with excellent sound and a host of visual and tactile functions for kids; Mr Robot Head wind up electronic 'buzz' toy game to drive your child quite bonkers; you powered eco-mike with flashing lights, real amplified sound, music and applause; eco-phone - shake this phone up to the make the lights flash and noises sound and eco-duck wind up toy to drive you quackers with flashing lights, geometric buttons and well known nursery rhymes.

How Do Ecotronic Toys Work?
Ecotronic toys are based upon the dynamo science of the wind-up radio and will appeal to a wide range of ages. We believe that their ground-breaking, ecologically sound design will permanently change the way people think about electronic toys, waving goodbye to the wastefulness of battery consumption
Our fabulous new range of ECOTRONIC TOYS will be available from early April 2008

please check back for images and more information on these toys soon

Ethical Toy Shop |  Ecotronic Toys

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